Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
(c) Maxim Schulz

A total of 1,000 free tickets for the first two concerts on 11 and 12 January 2017 at Hamburg’s new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie were available. The concert house now says that more than 220,000 music lovers from all around the world registered for the draw. They came from 73 countries – from Finland and Spain to New Zealand, the USA, Antarctica, Namibia and Afghanistan. The largest number of entries originated in Germany, followed by Austria and Switzerland, from each of which 1,500 registered participants took part. The next countries in the list are France, Denmark, Great Britain, China, the Netherlands, USA and Luxembourg.

The first 100 entrants to each win a pair of tickets were selected in an initial draw on 10 June. The second and final draw was held on 8 July in the presence of a notary. Over the next few days, 350 additional winners will be informed of their good fortune: two free tickets each for the opening concerts.

Twelve international participants from as far away as China, Denmark, the Netherlands as well as Basle, Vienna and Paris are among the lucky winners. The remaining contingent of 100 tickets will be distributed for giveaways by partners of the Elbphilharmonie worldwide.

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