The Jury of the 55th International Conducting Competition in Besançon (France), presided by Leonard Slatkin, will have to choose the winner among the following candidates, selected from an initial list of 270. France is leading the list with six candidates.

Ivan DEMIDOV, Russie (26 ans)
Ben GLASSBERG, Royaume-Uni (23 ans)
Jordan GUDEFIN, France (28 ans)
Marc HAJJAR, France (33 ans)
Mario HARTMUTH, Allemagne (29 ans)
Wing Wun IP, Chine (31 ans)
Victor JACOB, France (26 ans)
Hee-Beom JEON, Corée du Sud (33 ans)
Yuwon KIM, Corée du Sud (29 ans) *
Andrew LING, Hong Kong (34 ans)
Gregor MAYRHOFER, Allemagne (29 ans)
Luigi MAZZOCCHI, Italie (30 ans)
Stefano NIGRO, Italie (26 ans)
Gabriel PHILIPPOT, France (29 ans)
Maxime PITOIS, France (29 ans)
Rui RODRIGUES, Portugal (29 ans)
Ngai Cheung SIT, Hong Kong (28 ans)
Chloé VANSOETERSTEDE, France (28 ans)
Yuan XUE, Chine (29 ans)
Su-Han YANG, Taiwan (28 ans)

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