Gustavo Dudamel
Photo: Mathew Imagaing

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gustavo Dudamel was paid $1,425,088 in 2011 as Music Director of the L.A. Phil. This is an increase of 44.6%. 2011 was Dudamel’s second full year in L.A.. Orchestra spokeswoman Sophie Jefferies told the L.A. Times that Dudamel conducted 30% more concerts in 2011 than he had in 2010. At the same time, she « declined to provide financial or earnings information more recent than what was reported in its 2011 tax return. » The Los Angeles Philharmonic is a particularly healthy orchestra. It had a surplus of  $5.9-million in 2011-12 and of $6.1-million in 2010-11.

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