The region of Flanders in Belgium, with the cities Antwerp and Ghent, will host the 11th World Choir Games. The event, which is also considered the ‘Olympics of Choral Music’ will take place from July 5-15, 2020 and attract thousands of singers from Europe and all over the world.

The organizer, Interkultur, accepted Flanders’ bid after checking it carefully against another application from Gangwon Province in Korea.

“20 years after the foundation of the World Choir Games in Austria in 2000, I’m more than happy to celebrate the Choral Olympic Movement in the heart of Europe once again,” says Interkultur President Günter Titsch.

“Our main host cities Ghent and Antwerp are fantastic: young and vibrant, promising unique experiences for singers from all over the world in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan regions.”

Thousands of international participants from roughly 80 countries and regions are expected to participate.

The Flemish choral scene – about 1000 choirs – and its choral association Koor&Stem have strongly supported the bid since its beginnings.

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