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This year marks both Beethoven’s 250th anniversary and the 200th anniversary of the great Belgian violin virtuoso Henry Vieuxtemps. Yury Revich premieres the two Vieuxtemps-Cadenzas for Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in two videos which are linked in this Pizzicato  article.

Yury Revich says: « I feel truly honored to be part of the anniversary celebrations, working with Martin Wulfhorst on the first edition of two versions of an unknown Cadenza by Vieuxtemps to the first movement of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, soon to be published by Doblinger.

What I love especially about the Cadenzas is their lyrical beauty and the rhythmical energy, inspired by Beethoven. Truly unique is the accompaniment of strings (string quartet) and timpani, probably modeled on Beethoven’s own Cadenza for the piano transcription of the Violin Concerto op. 61a.

The instrument I used for the recordings is the Princess Aurora Stradivarius of 1709, which I have been privileged to play for the last three years and which has been loaned to me by the Goh Family Foundation.

It was a fascinating experience to be part of such a unique process and to record the Cadenzas, reviving them together with Doblinger and Martin Wulfhorst. Orchestra created by Cristian Axt. »

Cadenza No. 1

Cadenza No. 2

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