On invitation by Unison, the Croatian Music Alliance, the Jury members of the International Classical Music Awards met last weekend (17-20 January) in Zagreb and Rijeka for their General Assembly. Read More →

Mit der Finissage der Clara Schumann-Ausstellung im Stadtgeschichtlichen Museum Leipzig ging am Sonntag das Festjahr Clara19 der Stadt Leipzig zu Ende. Erstmals stand in der Musikstadt eine Frau im Mittelpunkt. Einen festen Platz in Leipzig hat Clara Schumann nun im neuen Museum des Schumann-Hauses. Read More →

Max-Emmanuel Cencic

Am 3. September 2020 startet das Internationale Festival der Opera Seria Bayreuth Baroque im Markgräflichen Opernhaus Bayreuth. Damit erhält Bayreuth ein weiteres Musikfestival. Künstlerischer Leiter für die kommenden drei Jahre ist Countertenor, Regisseur und Produzent Max Emanuel Cencic. Read More →

Vor 100 Jahren wurden die Salzburger Festspiele gegründet. Aus diesem Anlass gibt die Münze Österreich eine Jubiläumsmünze in Silber heraus, die vom Motiv her eine Premiere in der Münzwelt ist: eine Prägung zu Ehren eines großen Festivals. Read More →

Vladimir Ashkenazy
c) E.Sakata

The 82 year-old pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy has decided that the time has come for him to retire from public performances and to do so with immediate effect, his agency Harrison Parrott says in a statement. Read More →

While Brexiteers plan to celebrate the Brexit day on 31 January loudly and visibly, one EU campaigner, James Melville, has received strong support on social media for his idea to start a crowdfunding for the hiring of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to play the EU anthem Ode to Joy on a boat on the Thames when Big Ben bongs will mark the Brexit.

Ettore Panizza (1875-1967) was an Argentinian conductor and composer, and one of the leading conductors of the early 20th century even though he is almost forgotten today. Now, a book, The Other Toscanini, published by University of North Texas Press (UNT Press) puts the musician in the spotlight. Read More →

Thomas Guggeis

Der 26-jährige deutsche Dirigent Thomas Guggeis wurde zum Staatskapellmeister an der Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin ernannt. Das meldete der Deutschlandfunk. Read More →

Australian horn player Barry Tuckwell has died, aged 88. Born in Melbourne he studied the piano, violin and organ. At the age of 13 he switched to the French horn At 15, he became third horn with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and a year later joined the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as principal horn. Read More →

After Jun Märkl cancelled concerts with the Belgrade Philharmonic over contractual issues, as reported by Pizzicato in an on-line article, the Belgrade Philharmonic issued an official statement, and subsequently its chief conductor, Gabriel Feltz, came forward, expressing his astonishment at the conductor’s reaction and his regret over Märkl’s failure to conduct the Belgrade Philharmonic. The Belgrade Philharmonic said, it will « take all measures that the law provides in such situations. » Read More →

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