The former orchestra of the Irish national broadcaster RTE is no longer part of this organization but belongs now to the National Concert Hall and took the name RTE National Symphony Orchestra (NSO). The three RTE choirs, the RTE Philharmonic Choir, RTE Cór Linn and RTE Cór na nÓg, will also transfer from RTE to the National Concert Hall from Monday 24 January.

The National Concert Hall said on Twitter: « This will allow us to strengthen our artistic offering to the Irish public, and enhance our position as the national venue for the performance, appreciation and enjoyment of music in Ireland. It is our vision, and a key part of the strategic ambition of the NCH, to ensure the orchestra is sustained, strengthened and developed to a world-class standard, with state-of-the-art facilities which will be delivered as part of our overall redevelopment programme. »

Dee Forbes, Director general of RTE, said it was a day “of mixed emotions” for the national broadcaster. “On the one hand we are delighted that the NSO and Choirs will now be on a firm financial footing within the NCH allowing them to plan with confidence into the future, but on the other, we say goodbye today not just to wonderful musicians and support staff, but to colleagues and friends, many of whom have a long history in RTÉ. »


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