Krzysztof Urbański

The Indiana Symphony Society (ISS) released a truly fine audited financial results for the 2012-2013 season, Krzysztof Urbański’s second full season as Music Director. The orchestra raised more money ($9.8 million) than any other year in its history and achieved its first balanced budget since the 2006-07 season. One needs to remember that 2012/13 had badly started, with a  five-week lockout of musicians. However the Orchestra returned to the stage in mid-October 2012 under a short term ‘bridge agreement’, which allowed the ISO time to raise significant funds to set a solid foundation for a new, long-term collective bargaining agreement with its musicians. Led by ISO board member Yvonne Shaheen, the ‘Life. It’s Better With Music’ fundraising campaign raised more than $8.4 million in a 10- week period, of which $5 million came from 2,000 new donors to the ISO. The success of the campaign enabled a new five-year contract between the Society and its musicians to take effect.

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