The European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO) announced its return to the concert stage with two projects in Poland and Belgium. Following successful auditions in which nearly 50 young baroque instrumentalists participated in an intense 3-day workshop in Antwerp last July, 20 players have been invited to form EU’s new baroque band, continuing to revive the baroque legacy.

After a period of inactivity following Brexit, this momentous occasion marks the dawn of a new era for EUBO.

The new European Union Baroque Orchestra embarked on its very first project at the Wratislavia Cantans International Festival  in Wroclaw as well as in Bolesławiec, and Kłodzko in the Lower Silesia region. Themed around ‘Mother Nature’, Enrico Onofri conducted the newly recruited players alongside the NFM Girls Choir and soloists Carlotta Colombo, Jone Martínez, and Margherita Maria Sala in an all-Vivaldi programme.

EUBO’s second project sees its new members collaborate with harpsichordist and conductor Francesco Corti who pairs “The Elements” describing the beginning of the world by French composer Rebel with Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in the context of a further two Baroque gems by Zelenka and Leclair. The concerts of this French-German programme will take place at AMUZ, where EUBO took temporary shelter following Brexit, and at the Concertgebouw Brugge, where EUBO’s return fits perfectly with the seasonal theme of ‘birth’ as we transition into our new existence.

“These projects symbolize the essence of rebirth and renewal. At ICONS we stand ready to breathe new life into the European Union Baroque Orchestra by fostering connections across cultures and generations in a spirit of continuity in taking Europe’s rich Baroque legacy forward », said Mario Martinoli, Artistic Director of EUBO and Co-Founder & Chair of Fondazione ICONS

Since November 2022, EUBO is managed and supported by Fondazione ICONS, a non-profit organisation active in the field science communication of EU-funded projects. Commitment, passion, a pioneering spirit, and well-honed skills are at the core of ICONS’s work, who also manage Theresia Orchestra, a period-instrument orchestra of young musicians from Europe’s leading conservatoires which is purely focusing on the classical repertoire.

EUBO’s new core members are:

VIOLIN Madleen Kristen Alasi (Estonia), Laura Alexander (UK), Charlotte Lucila Gerbitz (Germany), María Hernández Galán (Spain), Joséphine Lanord Prélonge (France), Lorenzo Molinetti (Italy), Natascha Pichler (Austria), Aurélie Wenzel (Luxemburg), Sinni Francesco Ricci (Italy)

VIOLA María García Sánchez, Alma Milbradt, Angel Muñoz-Vella (Spain)

CELLO Mar Bonet Silvestre (Spain), Anna Cierpisz (Poland), Bernadetta Wieczerzyńska (Poland)

DOUBLE BASS Joachim Pedarnig (Austria)

OBOE Laura Hoeven (Austria) , Sidonie Millot (France)

BASSOON Hannah Voß (Germany)

HARPSICHORD Lisa Moroko (Italy)

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