Mariinsky Theatre
Photo: Valentin Baranovsky

Doctor Zhivago, an opera by Russian composer David Krivitsky (1937-2010), will be premiered on January 24 in a concert performance at the Marinsky Theatre Concert hall in St. Petersburg. Krivitsky’s work has been composed after the eponymous novel by Boris Pasternak. Soloists of the Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera Singers and the Mariinsky Orchestra will be conducted by Nikolai Khondzinsky.

David Krivitsky began his musical education in the Conservatoire in Kiev (Ukraine), before joining Heinrich Litinsky’s composition class at the Gnessin State Institute in Moscow. He has composed over 2000 works. Among his compositions are cycles like Six sonatas for solo viola, Six sonatas for solo oboe, Six sonatas for clarinet, more than thirty instrumental concertos, the opera Doctor Zhivago, and several symphonies. Alfred Schnittke said of Krivitsky: « I am always interested in David Krivitsky’s work. His instrumental compositions of recent years are particularly remarkable, I find them congenial in terms of the composer’s musical fantasy, his dynamic emotions, and expressive utilization of solo instruments. »

Krivitsky’s daughter, Evgenia Krivitskaia, is the editor in chief of the Russian music magazine Musical Life and a member of the Jury of the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA).

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