73 candidates have been admitted to this years Queen Elisabeth Competition. An international jury screened the DVD’s of 214 candidates for the voice competition, sent from all over the world. Chaired by Arie Van Lysebeth, the jury was composed of Renée Auphan, Maria Bayo, Marius Brenciu, Helmut Deutsch, Sophie Karthäuser and José Van Dam. The first public round starts on Wednesday 14 May at Flagey in Brussels with 57 women and 16 men, representing 27 different nationalities, among them 42 sopranos, 14 mezzo-sopranos, 1 alto, 3 basses, 4 baritones, 7 tenors and 2 countertenors. The country list is led by Korea (12), France (9), Belgium (7) and Poland (6).

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