The Cliburn launched this year a brand new program: a competition and festival for 13 to 17-year-old pianists. Now, the prizes and awards for the First Cliburn International Junior Piano Competition have been published.

Top Prizes

FIRST PRIZE: Alim Beisembayev, Kazakhstan, 17
$10,000 cash plus $2,000 scholarship

SECOND PRIZE: Arsenii Mun, Russia, 16
$5,000 cash plus $2,000 scholarship

THIRD PRIZE: Youlan Ji, China, 16
$2,500 cash plus $2,000 scholarship

A portion of the prize ($2,000 for each of the three finalists, as noted above) is related to furthering musical advancement. If one or any of the top three prizewinners does not make a suitable proposal for the use of the scholarship money within one year of the Competition, that winner forfeits this portion of the prize, at the discretion of the president and CEO of the Cliburn.

All three top prizes will also include community residency and mentorship opportunities with the Cliburn.

Special Awards

AUDIENCE AWARD**: Misha Galant, United States, 17, $1,000 cash

BEST PERFORMANCE OF A CLASSICAL SONATA: Misha Galant, United States, 17, $500 cash

BEST PERFORMANCE OF A LYRICAL WORK: Adam Balogh, Hungary, 17, $500 cash

JURY DISCRETIONARY AWARDS (2): Clayton Stephenson, United States, 16; Tony Yike Yang, Canada, 16, $1,000 cash each

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