A six-month lock out could end very soon: The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s musicians are invited by their negotiator Carole Mason Smith to accept the latest management proposal. If the musicians vote ‘yes’, their annual pay will be cut by $15,000, and the orchestra will be reduced by six players to 28. However the musicians will have greater artistic control over performances and repertoire. The mutual agreement has also to be approved vy the American Federation of Musicians as far as broadcast and Internet use of SPCO’s performances is concerned. Now both sides expect the orchestra will play concerts again very soon. SPCO , founded in 1959, plays normally around 150 concerts per year.

Dobson West, President and Chair, SPCO Board of Directors, issued the following statement: « I’m pleased to report that we and the Musicians’ Negotiating Committee have mutually agreed to a proposal that will be taken to the Musicians for ratification after the Society and the AFM have reached an agreement on media. There are logistics that will need to be worked through in terms of how soon concerts can resume, but the goal is to get back to bringing great music to this community as quickly as possible. »


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